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Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture

16th Annual Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture

University of Washington Rome Center
Piazza del Biscione 95
Phone: (39) 06 686-8807

Thursday 30 November 2017

9:00—9:30 Check-in

9:30—9:40 Opening and Welcome
Jeannine Swaffield United States

9:50—10:20 Keynote Address

“Academic Freedom, free speech and the struggle to protect public education" Sandra Liliana Pucci, United States


10:30-11:45  Session A  Biliteracy, Bilingualism, and Hybridity
“Learning Outcomes in Tagalog-Manila and English Based Instruction: Towards an Enhanced Implementation of
The Mother Tongue Program” Flormay Manalo* Philippines
“Strengthening Biliteracy Across Languages: An Illinois, USA Initiative” Joaquín Villegas USA


“Writers and Teachers as Communicators of Different Sounds/Languages” Seyma Yesilcavdar Turkey


11:45—1:00  Session B  Creativity and Visualization  
“Education and Creativity” Liliana Piasecka* Poland


“Using Guided Imagery to Teach Descriptive Writing” Lori Annarella USA


“Bridging the Generation Gap Through Music” Cristina Radulescu United Kingdom


1:00—3:00  Lunch


3:00—4:30  Session C  Critical Approaches
“The Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Approach for the UNESCO Cultural Heritage of Food: A Case Study of Japan” Akiko Tsuda Japan
“CLIL, A Step Into the Future” Sophie Papaianni*  Italy
“Learning and recycling in the ESL classroom” Alejandra Juárez and Paola Peralta  Mexico


“Preparing students for the future through culturally relevant engaged learning,” James Kelly USA


4:30-6:00  Session D  Themes in literature
“Voices of the Future: Teaching Hanan Ashrawi’s poetry” Sigrid King*  USA


“An improbable comparison: Maria Messina’s ‘Her father’s house’ and Virginia Woolf’s  ‘A room of one’s own’ ” Giordana Poggioli-Kaftan  USA
 “Tolerance in the Talisman by Sir Walter Scott” Nazli Gunduz Turkey
“Learning Tao Te Ching: (the Way of Life)” Ancient Wisdom for Modern Teachers” Yi Hao USA


6:00—7:00  Reception  Wines and snacks from around the world
Friday  1 December 2017
9:30—10:45  Session E  Individual traits
“Intercultural sensitivity of foreign language students” Elżbieta Szymańska-Czaplak* Poland
“Openness to experience and foreign language achievement” Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel Poland
"Comparing the motivational profiles of four English philology students: Results of a qualitative study” Miroslaw Pawlak, Poland
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break


11:15-12:30  Session F  Movements, history, progress
“Globalization and its effects on the pay-off to women’s education” Sirous Tabrizi* Canada
“A parallel view of the impact of Black African American female leadership on the Black Panther and Black Lives Matter movements” Verona Mitchell USA
“A proposed model for preparing students getting started at California Community Colleges” Bertha Barrazza,  USA


12:30-2:30 Lunch break


2:30- 3:30  Session F  Teacher learning
“Enhancing future teachers’ computational skills through coding and simulations” Hanna Kim* USA
“Pre-service teachers’ views on foreign language learning environments: A Polish-Turkish comparative study” Danuta Gabrys´-Barker Poland
3:30-4:45  Session H  Innovative approaches
“English as a Second Language in Croatia: Does cyberlanguage influence it?” Biagio Aulino Canada, Roberto Bergami* Australia
“Tune in to WebRadioPerLe! Expanding proficiency in L2 oral production” Serafina Filice  Italy


“Ageing for the future in the eyes of learners of English in their early and late adulthood” Monika Grotek Poland
4:45—6:00  Session I  Language learning and translation
“The use of strategies in a second and third language by students of engineering with English as the medium of instruction” Zuzanna Kiermasz* Poland


“Speaking, Listening, reading and writing anxiety—is that all?” Katarzyna Budzinska Poland
“Voices of the guidebooks of the future: How to improve the quality of their translation?”  Lukács András Hungary


7:30 Gala Dinner
* denotes session chair


Founded 2002 in Rome, Italy

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Founded 2002 in Rome, Italy