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Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture

16th Annual Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture

University of Washington Rome Center
Piazza del Biscione 95
Phone: (39) 06 686-8807

Thursday 30 November 2017

9:00—9:30 Check-in

9:30—9:40 Opening and Welcome
Bruce Swaffield United States

9:50—10:50 Session A Future Perspectives

“The Changing Landscape of Education in Australia: The
future?” Annamarie Schuller* Australia

“Multilevel and Global Educational Systems”
Sirous Tabrizi Canada

“Does National Culture Matter?” Pedro Nevado Portugal

11:00—11:40 Keynote Address

Mr. Sidi Cherif, Executive President of World for World
Organization Rome, Italy

Introduction by Sigrid King United States

11:50—12:50 Session B Converging Cultures

“Cross-cultural Perspectives on Poverty: Literature and
public policy” Sigrid King United States, James Kelly*
United States

“Communicative Competence in a Biology Course at the
UPRM: A case study” Fiorelys Mendoza Puerto Rico

“Seal of Biliteracy: Bringing languages across cultural
languages” Joaquin Villegas United States

12:50—2:00 Lunch

2:00—3:00 Session C Issues in Education

“Higher Education for Refugees: Waste of time or path to
poverty reduction?” Milica Bookman* United States

“Teaching Correct Nutrition to Students in Iran” Helda
Tutunchi Iran

“Child Labor and School Attendance in Bangladesh: The
effects of parental background and labor market return”
Alok Kumar Canada, Najmus Saqib Canada

3:10—4:30 Session D Teaching and Learning

“Intercultural Competence and Language Teacher
Education” Julide Inozu* Turkey, Cem Can Turkey

“Instructional Communication: Its essence, role and effects
in the teaching and learning process” Irina Antonova Russia

“Northeastern Illinois University Innovation Grant for Social
Work and Early Childhood Education” Elizabeth Landerholm
United States, Jade Stanley United States,
Jennifer Salyers United States

“Using the Internet in Teaching English” Nana Khetsuriani Georgia

4:40—6:00 Session E New Initiatives

“Gender and Parental Support in Foreign Language
Learning” Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel* Poland

“Teaching Western Literature to Middle Eastern Students”
Victoria Amador United Arab Emirates

“Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students”
Carolyn Stone United States

“Developing Communicative Competence in FL Students:
Remarks on culturally responsive teaching” Jerzy Zybert
Poland, Iga Lehman Poland

6:00—6:45 Reception Wines and snacks from around the world

Friday 1 December 2017

9:30—10:50 Session F Intercultural Contexts

“Intercultural Meetings: Developing students’ cross-cultural
awareness in international educational projects” Elżbieta
Szymańska-Czaplak* Poland

“A Comprehensive Preschool Curriculum Model: Supporting
a heritage language learning through developmentally appro-
priate approaches” Yi Hao United States, Howie Liu United States

"Intercultural Competence for Geographically Dispersed and
Culturally Diverse People” Hasan Caglar Basol Turkey

“Challenges of Foreign Language Teaching in the Era of
Globalization: Convergence between linguistics and culture”
Vanessa Leonardi Italy

11:00—12:20 Session G Cultural Expressions

“Ways to Intercultural Communicative Competence” Liliana
Piasecka* Poland

“Understanding Ourselves and Others With Personal
Narrative” Lorie Annarella United States

“Developing Intercultural Competence in the Foreign
Language Classroom” Miroslaw Pawlak Poland

"Conceptual Opposition: 'WE - THEY' in a political dialogue"
Tatiana Alieva Russia, Alexey Tymbay Russia

3:10—4:30 Session H Teaching Methods

“Language Teachers and Pre-Service Teachers‘ Beliefs on
Intercultural Competence” Feryal Cubukcu* Turkey

“The Link Between FL Self-Assessment and Willingness to
Communicate: A comparative study across different coun-
tries” Malgorzata Baran-Lucarz Poland, Annalisa Sezzi Italy

“Foreign Language Classes Assessment Procedures and
Students´ Feedback in Polish Educational Context”
Danuta Gabrys-Barker Poland

“The ABC's to Starting at a California Community College”
Bertha Barraza United States

4:40—5:40 Session I Different Similarities

“English as a Second Language in France: Why do young
adults study it, does cyberlanguage influence it, and should
slang form part of the syllabus?” Biagio Aulino Canada,
Roberto Bergami* Australia

“Using CLIL Methodology to Explore Different Realities in
Different Countries” Sophie Papaianni Italy

“Using the Internet in Teaching English” Nana Khetsuriani

5:50—6:50 Session J Academic Challenges

“An Analysis about the Transformation of Higher Education
in Ecuador” Maria Ines Rivadeneira* Ecuador

“How Problem-Based Learning/Project-based Learning
Enhances the ESL Learning Experience” Petra Avillan-
Leon Puerto Rico

“Plagiarism—A social construct: How do we raise student
awareness about plagiarism?” Jon Nichols United Arab

7:45 Gala Dinner Ristorante Il Miraggio, Via della Lungara 16/A

Founded 2002 in Rome, Italy

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Founded 2002 in Rome, Italy