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The 15th Annual Worldwide Forum on Deducation and Culture, 1-2 December 2016.


I am sorry to inform you that this conference has been cancelled due to the death of Bruce Swaffield.  Bruce kept accurate records, so I will be returning all money.  Because I have not been a part of this process it make take me some time.  


Bruce died on August 17,2016 from a severe stroke.  Please pray for our family as we get through this devastating loss.  The friends he made through these conferences were important to him.


Below is a list of people who have paid, either through check, moneygram, western union or have paid Sophie Papaianna directly.  If you have paid through moneygram or western union, please advise as to where I can send your refund.  


Judith Ableser, United States

Danuta Gabrys-Barker, Poland
Monika Grotek, Poland
Nazli Gunduz, Turkey 

Tamara Gvenetadze, Georgia

Yi Hao, United States

Alejandra Juárez, Mexico
Ewa Piechurka-Kuciel, Poland

Nana Khetsuriani, Georgia

Betsy Landerholm, United States

Wayne Landerholm, United States

Howe Liu, United States

Flormay Manalo, Philippines
Ngoc-Diep T. Nguyen, United States
Rully Raslina Novianti, United Kingdom

Paola Peralta, Mexico 
Silvia Panicieri, Italy

Sophie Papaianni, Italy

Sandra Liliana Pucci, United States
Cristina Radulescu, The Netherlands
Magdalena Szyszka, Poland

Akiko Tsuda, Japan

Joaquin Villegas, United States

Ann Whitaker, United States


Again, thanks for your interest.


Jeannine Swaffield




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