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THE 2016 CONGRESS - Call for Abstracts

We now are accepting proposals for the 15th Annual Worldwide Forum on Education and Culture, 1-2 December 2016.  

We welcome presentations in all disciplines and on every level of education and business. The theme is: “Voices of the Future: The sound of many languages and nations in partnership”

The congress will focus on living and learning in the years ahead.  For example, where will we find ourselves in 10 or 20 years? How do we get ready for a world we cannot see or even imagine? How can we work together toward a common purpose and still retain our individuality?

In addition, what are the practical ways we can prepare students and people for tomorrow? What do we teach them today and what will they need to know to face the years ahead? Most of all, what can we do collectively to improve the quality of life, living and learning throughout the world?

You are encouraged to send an abstract of no more than 150 words by email (no attachments, please) to Dr. Bruce C. Swaffield at or fill in the form on the Registration page.     

We invite proposals in all fields and disciplines, especially the following:

• Humanities
• Communication Arts
• Social Media
• Intensive English and ESL
• Film and Cinema
• Education and Teaching
• Agriculture and Biodiversity
• Cultural Heritage
• Multiculturalism and Diversity
• Business and Management
• Engineering
• Math and Computer Science 
• Social Sciences
• Physical and Life Sciences
• Fine and Applied Arts
• Health Professions

Please note that this year's Worldwide Forum will be limited to no more than 40 presentations.  The following scholars are scheduled to present at this year's congress.  This list is updated daily.


Judith Ableser, United States

Danuta Gabrys-Barker, Poland
Monika Grotek, Poland
Nazli Gunduz, Turkey 

Tamara Gvenetadze, Georgia

Yi Hao, United States

Alejandra Juárez, Mexico
Ewa Piechurka-Kuciel, Poland

Nana Khetsuriani, Georgia

Betsy Landerholm, United States

Wayne Landerholm, United States

Howe Liu, United States

Flormay Manalo, Philippines
Ngoc-Diep T. Nguyen, United States
Rully Raslina Novianti, United Kingdom

Paola Peralta, Mexico 
Silvia Panicieri, Italy

Sophie Papaianni, Italy

Sandra Liliana Pucci, United States
Cristina Radulescu, The Netherlands
Magdalena Szyszka, Poland

Akiko Tsuda, Japan

Joaquin Villegas, United States

Ann Whitaker, United States


Note:  Due to plagiarism of articles from our publications Lucia Buttaro no longer is associated with the Worldwide Forum.  

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